Dining elevated.


We simply don't cut corners in the kitchen. Our chefs work hard every day to create their dishes from scratch using fresh, local ingredients like prosciutto from La Quercia and fruits and vegetables from Loffredo Produce. Our West location even has a garden onsite.

Your dining experience is meant to suit your needs as well. Forget waiting for your table only to be squeezed in so tightly you don't know who might be listening over your shoulder. Forget yelling in order to be heard by your guests. And we are always open to special requests (think vegan or gluten-free).


Both locations feature a choice of a formal menu or a buffet with plentiful hot and cold options.


Choose from a casual small plates menu or a formal menu with tableside cart service. Our Downtown location features a Prime Cuts steakhouse menu, while West offers a Prix Fixe menu of seasonal items with suggested wine pairings.

Chef Randy Brown

Randy Brown is Executive Chef at the Des Moines Embassy Club West.



Kris Van Tuyl is Executive Chef at the Des Moines Embassy Club Downtown. Chef Van Tuyl’s culinary career began in Pella, where he grew up, washing dishes in his mother’s cafe and kitchen store. After working his way through several foodservice venues, including an event center and a sushi bar, he landed at the Embassy Club, which was then located at 801 Grand. Training under Chef Michael Bailey, it is there that he believes he received his true culinary education.

In the years since the Embassy Club, Chef Van Tuyl opened the restaurant Luna Bistro in the East Village, together with his wife, Beth, and then served as general manager of the restaurant Django. His signature style is adding contemporary twists to classic dishes, manifesting in dishes such as Scotch quail eggs or duck meatballs. “I select my ingredients by freshness, ripeness, and color. That pop of color is important to any dish,” he explains. Chef Van Tuyl makes himself a familiar face in the dining room as well, greeting guests and making sure the they are enjoying their experience.

Chef Van Tuyl is married and has a five-year-old daugther named Marlowe. He is a movie buff, favorites including Bladerunner and Seven Samurai. Live concerts are a favorite past-time, and he is a fan of classic rock and heavy metal music.